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Re: [leafnode-list] news is downloaded but cant be found

Arnold G. Castro wrote:

> 	I have a strange problem. I can see that Fetchnews is downloading
> articles via its -vvv option. However by using an NNTP client to check the
> articles, I can only see the leafnode placeholder article.

I assume that your permissions are wrong. Check out the permissions and
ownership of /var/spool/news and all subdirectories; they should be
drwxr-sr-x  19 news     news         5120 Jul 27 04:16 /var/spool/news/

> 	Also, I've enabled debugmode=1 in the config file, but still I
> can't find any news.debug file. Syslog is running normally (I even
> restarted it). Will it reside in /var/log or in /var/spool/news/ ?

The news.debug file is generated whereever you want it to; you have to
configure this in syslog.conf. For example, the entry

news.=debug                                     /var/adm/news.debug

will log messages with the priority LOG_DEBUG (but not higher
priorities) in /var/adm/news.debug. For more elucidation, read the
manpages to syslog, especially syslog.conf(5).


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