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[leafnode-list] fetch won't download subscribed groups

Howdy folks,

I am not completely new to linux and have never been so baffled.  I run
Debian 2.1 (slink) and installed the deb package for leafnode (v. 1.6.2).
I took a look at the config and it all looked great.  AFter trying many
clients (knews, KDE news client, newswatcher) I was finally able to connect
with slrn.  THe others complained that they couldn't connect to the server,
or that the server didn't understand the ACTIVE LIST command.  Anyway,
after subscribing to some newsgroups by hand (I couldn't get a list with
slrn even though fetch had downloaded one) and reading the default
statement and even setting each one to 'read' I ran fetch again.  It
downloaded something for a while and then I tried to access the groups from
slrn.  No dice.  they showed zero messages and only had the same default
message in them.  I tried this several times with the same result.  each
time fetch would download something that would take a couple minutes and
give this message on the command line: 'LIST ACTIVE done -136661181 seconds
ago, getting all groups'.  I don't know what this means, but it sounds like
it's only getting the active list from the news server and not the groups I
subscribed to.

I've checked the /var/spool/news/ directory and have found a file that
lists each of the groups I subscribed to as well as another directory that
has a separate subdirectory for each of the groups I subscribed to.  I
think leafnode is passing on the requests for subscription, but fetch is
falling down on the job.  could there be an incompatibility with the news
server of my ISP?  I have tested it directly with a news client and it
worked fine.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!


"Linux...  It's the choice of a GNU generation"
"My other computer is a Linux Box"
"*Have* to reboot?!?"
"Excuse me while I recompile my kernel"

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