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RE: [leafnode-list] fetch won't download subscribed groups

On 17-Sep-99, Dave Wilk wrote:

[using slrn newsreader..]
> or that the server didn't understand the ACTIVE LIST command.  Anyway,
> after subscribing to some newsgroups by hand (I couldn't get a list with
> slrn even though fetch had downloaded one) and reading the default
> statement and even setting each one to 'read' I ran fetch again.  It
> downloaded something for a while and then I tried to access the groups
> from slrn.  No dice.  they showed zero messages and only had the same
> default message in them.  I tried this several times with the same
> result.  

Sounds like you want to do a:

slrn -create

This will cause slrn to grab a full newsgroup list from your newsserver,
which, as you're using leafnode, you should have correctly defined
somewhere as 'localhost' (or your hostname).

Be warned, this will probably/definitely trash your existing .jnewsrc file
(which may leave you with incorrect 'last read' markers), so back it up
just in case. (Personally, I can live with this). You only need to run slrn
with the  -create  option *once only*. But before you do this, what does
your .jnewsrc contain?  Does it have a list of all groups or just a few?

> each time fetch would download something that would take a couple
> minutes and give this message on the command line: 'LIST ACTIVE done
> -136661181 seconds ago, getting all groups'.  I don't know what this
> means, but it sounds like it's only getting the active list from the news
> server and not the groups I subscribed to.

Once the active list has become sufficiently 'stale'  (see leafnode config
file options), the entire list of groups will be refetched from your
upstream server. After this has happened, all the groups should be
available to you.

You can force a refresh of the active list with

fetch -f

> I've checked the /var/spool/news/ directory and have found a file that
> lists each of the groups I subscribed to 

On my version of leafnode (1.9.2) there is a (large) file


which contains the entire active list. However, on the previous, older,
version of leafnode that I used, that file was within the leafnode config

I also have a a file within the above directory with the same name as my
upstream newsserver, which contains a list of the groups I read. Is this
file you refer to above?

>as well as another directory
> that has a separate subdirectory for each of the groups I subscribed to.

/var/spool/news/interesting.groups/ (or equivalent) should contain a marker
file for each 'interesting group', and the actual article store for each
hierarchy/group should be under /var/spool/news/.

> think leafnode is passing on the requests for subscription, but fetch is
> falling down on the job.  could there be an incompatibility with the news
> server of my ISP?  I have tested it directly with a news client and it
> worked fine.

Other than trying  slrn -create,  I can't think of anything, sorry.

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