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[leafnode-list] Format of filterfile entries?

I'm running leafnode 1.9.2 on FreeBSD 2.2.7.

I'd like to use the filterfile to avoid downloading articles which have
been crossposted to particularly immflammatatory newsgroups, ie the sort of
articles which suddenly turn your favourite newsgroup into a 200 article
flamewar by the time you download your news in the evening :-(

Unfortunately, I'm not much of an expert on regexps and pattern matching.

Can somebody tell me if the following filterfile entry does what I want it

^Newsgroups: *.uk\.misc

I want to *not* download articles cross-posted into the newsgroup  uk.misc.

My understanding of regexps (and a previous answer in the mailing list
archive) leads me to understand (?) the following:

^  ties the search to the start of the line
*. matches any number of any character (?)
\. escapes the '.' because it's a special character in a regexp(?)

Is my rule correct?

If there were a newsgroup uk.misc.boring (for example), would the above
rule also match that group?  If I didn't want the rule to also match
uk.misc.boring, how would I exclude it from the rule?

Thanks for any help.

Pointers to simple sites explaining how regexps work would also be



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