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Re: [leafnode-list] Format of filterfile entries?

* David Marsh (dm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [1999-09-17 20:25]:
> ^  ties the search to the start of the line
> *. matches any number of any character (?)

 matches any character
* matches any (including zero) occurrences of the preceding pattern, 
thus, you want .* 
+ matches any number of occurrences but AT LEAST ONE of the preceding
t+ thus matches t or ttttttttt 

> \. escapes the '.' because it's a special character in a regexp(?)
> Is my rule correct?

You will probably want to go for Newsgroups:.*uk\.misc.*

> If there were a newsgroup uk.misc.boring (for example), would the above
> rule also match that group?  If I didn't want the rule to also match
> uk.misc.boring, how would I exclude it from the rule?

That's quite difficult. Don't know.

> Thanks for any help.
> Pointers to simple sites explaining how regexps work would also be
> appreciated.

man 7 pcre

man perlre 

Any book on perl regular expressions.

book "Mastering Regular Expressions" (published by O'Reilly)

Matthias Andree

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