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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetch

<< I have a couple of questions.  I was running fetch manually, but
the fetch run was taking too long.  What is the proper way
to terminate fetch? >>

Either the power switch or the reset button (if available) should
do.  If the machine refuses to stop, pull the power plug.
Hope That Helps!

Seriously, "kill -INT" or ^C are the correct ways.  fetch catches
that signal and cleans up nicely after itself.  Using any other
signal means that it *won't* clean up.

I, too, would like to know how to rebuild overview files.  I have a
program to "rm" articles out of my news spool after fetching -- it
looks for patterns that the fetch filter can't handle.  I'd like those
articles to never show up in my trn newsreader (except for their
article numbers being reserved); currently, their subject lines show
up but when I hit "n" and get sent to them, I get "Article not
available" or some such.

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