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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetch

Jeff Grossman wrote:

[rest of questions already answered by Tim McDaniel]

> p.s.  Is there anyway to make fetch do that overview file thing at the end
> without going through a whole run?

Not at the moment (in the stable versions, that is). The overview files
are centrally handled by the xoverutil.c file, especially the getxover()
function, which is used by fetch and by the nntpd to rebuild the file.
getxover() checks the content of the newsgroup directory and, if necessary,
rebuilds the overview file of this directory. However, the 1.9.4 version
will not remove superfluous articles from the overview file, only add
new ones. This rather annoying behaviour is fixed in the latest alpha
version which I use locally, so it will also be fixed in the next version
of leafnode.

If you urgently want to rebuild a certain overview file, it is possible
to remove it. It will then be rebuilt if you next time read the group
in your newsreader (you don't need fetch for this). However, reading
the group may take longer than usual, because the whole file has to
be rebuilt, not only a few missing lines.


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