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Delaybody problems ( WAS Re: Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering revisited. )



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> I agree with Mark Brown that the slowness of leafnode is due to the
> lack of preloading. I have a version of leafnode (I call it 2.0a3)
> which contains some not-yet-functional code which is supposed to
> preload the connection with a number of commands (which can be
> modified, default is a preload of 5 commands) which I would be
> willing to send to interested persons via email. There is a second
> problem with fetchnews which contributes to its slowness if you get
> the full grouplist, and that is a design bug in the way the
> grouplist is built. I'll probably address this second problem first
> since I have already developed some similar code for handling the
> overview files which runs quite nicely.

I'm no coder so I can't help at the moment, but in the future if you'd
like someone to test this code as soon as it approaches functionality please
feel free to contact me.

Onto my main reason for this email.  I've successfully set up Leafnode and
Fetchnews using the delaybody option.  Headers have downloaded nicely, and
can be read via Pine, tin and trn.  However at no point does fetch download
the bodies of the messages I've viewed.

Any information on what settings to check ( at news-server or news-client
) would be appreciated.  Alternatively, any pointers on what should happen
to files in leafnodes structure appreciated, so I can try and debug the
problem and work out what is or isn't happening.

Thank you.

Nick Drage - accessing email through a German interface
... because he can.

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