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Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering revisited.

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> Lloyd Zusman wrote (already some time ago):
>> [ ... ]
> There are two things that bothered me with Lloyd's first patch. First,
> the flex source code didn't work on all machines tested. If I recall
> correctly, I couldn't get it to work on Solaris with GNU flex. Therefore
> it might be desirable (if cumbersome) to use a handwritten parser instead.
> Second (I guess I won't make friends with this one :-), I had an awfully
> hard time remembering the syntax of the new filterfile (the brackets were
> awfully confusing to me). Therefore, I would like to propose a different
> one. I suggest that an expression should look like the following (borrowed
> from tin):
> [ ... tin-like filtering syntax ... ]

All this looks just fine with me.  My earlier, implemented-via-flex
approach was a proof-of-concept, I certainly was not wedded to its
particular syntax.  What's most important to me would be to have these
filtering/scoring capabilities in leafnode, not the syntax itself.

> [ ... ]
> IMO, this format has these advantages:
> 1) A parser for this should be very easy to program. No need for lex.
> 2) The format is (to me, of course your mileage may vary :-) quite
>    self-explanatory.
> 3) More flexibility and speed than with the current setup (because
>    currently, you use each filter for all newsgroups)

I agree with all three points.

In my not-so-voluminous spare time, I'll study this filter/scorer in
more detail and see if I can code up a prototype of it for leafnode,
and then I'll post it here.

 Lloyd Zusman

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