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Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering revisited.

tmcd@xxxxxxxx <tmcd@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I advocate only having one syntax:
>    Newsgroups: [some arbitrary regex]
>    Regex: [some arbitrary regex]
>Less code, less to learn, regexen are more powerful, et cetera.

The only problem I see with regex for newsgroups is that
they are more error prone and not quite as direct
(especially due to quoting periods):

with glob:
    Newsgroups:  comp.mail.*
    Newsgroups:  comp.lang.*.announce

with regex:
    Newsgroups:  comp\.mail\..*
    Newsgroups:  comp\.lang\.[^.]+\.announce$

Cornelius, have you thought about integrating something
like Tcl to handle the parsing?  Good features:  It's
simple... you only have to write a few argc,argv style
functions to do the real work after the parsing is
done for you.  Bad features:  it's one more think
leafnode would be dependent on.

Anyways, just some thoughts...

(who is now rebuilding leafnode and all other news
things because our admin "forgot" the system he was
upgrading was also the news server. :-/)

Mark Harrison                       "Open the floppy disk door, Hal."
AsiaInfo Computer Networks          http://usai.asiainfo.com:8080/
Beijing, China / Santa Clara, CA    markh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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