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[leafnode-list] leafnode/fetchnews patches?

hello to everyone. I don't speak english so please have mercy ;))

i'm using leafnode 1.9.4, and the last zusman patch available (at
least on the official leafnode home page) is against 1.9.2... any
suggestions to "merge" them without too many difficulties or wasting
of time? does exist an up-to-date version? i live in italy, and here
phone calls aren't cheap at all (cost is time based + initial charge);
a "finer grain" control during filtering can be very useful.

(btw, the scoring patch changes even the load order??)

Second question: I'm interested in getting fetchnews to work
concurrently wrt several different mainstream news-server (I mean
"in the same time" of course, not by total serialization ;))... I
suspect that some form of mutual exclusion on single postings...
does anyone hacked fetchnews to work concurrently?

Third question: someone has a patch to change per-group properties...
hum... on per-group basis? ;) something like maxlines
comp.os.linux.misc 200 instead of maxlines = 500.

Fourth question (that's the last one;)): why the releases have
*apparently* stopped? Is leafnode considered a finished product? ( =>
no more development?) or simply is the mantainer busy?

thank you in advance

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