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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode/fetchnews patches?

gzuglian@xxxxxx wrote:

> i'm using leafnode 1.9.4, and the last zusman patch available (at
> least on the official leafnode home page) is against 1.9.2... any
> suggestions to "merge" them without too many difficulties or wasting
> of time?

I don't think there were too many changes in filterutil.c from 1.9.2 to
1.9.4.; therefore, if you speak a little C, it should be possible to
apply the patch and fix the rejects by hand (I have not done this :-).

> does anyone hacked fetchnews to work concurrently?

No. There is however an alpha version of fetchnews which overlaps
requests for articles which apparently speeds up the connection
quite dramatically. (This version is not the one that made it
inadvertantly to this list.)

> Fourth question (that's the last one;)): why the releases have
> *apparently* stopped?

The alpha version of fetchnews which I mentioned in the last paragraph
involved quite a lot of rewriting - therefore there has not been any
release yet. I will probably release a version of leafnode which fixes
the Y2K bug at the end of November.


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