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[leafnode-list] 1.9.5?

Well, if trying to release an 1.9.5 at the end of this month -- which
features should be added? So far, I have come up with the following

History of 1.9.5 -- changes since 1.9.4:

- Support for libshadow and libcrypt added (not needed yet).
- Misc. changes.

- Timezone problems fixed.
- IPv6 support improved.
- Checking for shadow library (not needed yet).

- If some essential header was not found, fetchnews segfaulted. Fixed.

- Year 2000 problem fixed.
- Timezone problems fixed.

- Empty lines on input are ignored (less problems with netscape).

I'll also have a look into Matthias' ma1 patch.

(Did 1.9.4 give the odd "lockfile" message? I am a little confused right
now :-)

Gotta go,


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