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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.5?

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> Well, if trying to release an 1.9.5 at the end of this month -- which
> features should be added? So far, I have come up with the following
> ones:

Why do you want new features? Stability and quality improvements are
good reasons to release a new version, the Y2k fix alone is reason
enough, to get it out long before next year. 

> fetchnews.c:
> - If some essential header was not found, fetchnews segfaulted. Fixed.

Make sure it does not collide with 1.9.4-ma1. It has some segfault fixes

> nntpd.c:
> - Empty lines on input are ignored (less problems with netscape).

Ah, this looks like a déjà vu in my mail. Did Eric Wick report this?
(Netscape should be provided with proper "500 not understood" messages
anyhow if it makes such noise). 

> I'll also have a look into Matthias' ma1 patch.

for all those who have joined recently, the fix can be found at and

> (Did 1.9.4 give the odd "lockfile" message? I am a little confused right
> now :-)

miscutil.c around l. #126
|   } else if ( errno != ENOENT ) {
|       syslog( LOG_ERR, "unable to open lockfile %s: %d %m", lockfile, errno );
|   }

Does not seem it still has. 

1.9.4 did however show the "corrected... lines in ..." when updating its
overview files. It has been mistaken by people as "leafnode trashes its
files and now logs that it has been fixing them".

We'd rather have something like "added..." or "updated..." in this

I'm talking about this guy here:
xoverutil.c: 360:           syslog( LOG_INFO, "corrected %d lines in %s/.overview\n",

Matthias Andree

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