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[leafnode-list] 1.9.5 update

Just an update on 1.9.5 status:

%snip from CHANGES

- Support for libshadow and libcrypt added (not needed yet).
- Misc. changes.

- Timezone problems fixed.
- IPv6 support improved.
- Checking for shadow library (not needed yet).

- If some essential header was not found, fetchnews segfaulted. Fixed.
- calls to tgetaline() removed.

- if no filterfile is present, return FALSE.

- Year 2000 problem fixed.
- Timezone problems fixed.

- Empty lines on input are ignored.

- tgetaline() removed.

Changes of 1.9.4-ma1-bn1 included:

- Fixed a few non-portable constructs in the update.sh script

Changes of 1.9.4-ma1 included:

INSTALL:7: added information about SuSE --prefix=/usr
INSTALL:78: added pointers to hosts_access(5) and hosts_options(5)

Makefile.in:53: moved @cp pcre/libpcre.a libpcre.a into libpcre.a: actions
Makefile.in:57: prepended $(MFLAGS) and $(MAKEFLAGS) with dash (`-')
Makefile.in:96: clean also removes *~ and \#*
Makefile.in:98: prepended $(MFLAGS) and $(MAKEFLAGS) with dash (`-')
	ll 57,98 fixes stop emacs barfing on make -k "unknown target k"
Makefile.in:101: realclean also removes *.rej and *.orig
Makefile.in:161ff: split uninstall into uninstall and uninstall-bins
	uninstall-bins will not touch $(SPOOLDIR) and $(LIBDIR)

configutil.c:106: initializers added: p = 0, q = 0

activutil.c:167: initializer added: desc = 0

miscutil.c:145: made namelen unsigned

nntputil.c:196: corrected parentheses in #define 
nntputil.c:206: made struct servent *sp static (was auto) 
nntputil.c:210: made int i static (was register, should not hurt, indexes
	only servers)

fetchnews.c:216: inserted comparison against date: string, fixed
	some strange SIGSEGV I experienced
fetchnews.c:731++: added fast XHDR header check for maxage speedup
	speeds up maxage purging if some other site dumped loads of
	old news into some high-traffic newsgroup. 
fetchnews.c:738: initializer added: aage = 0
fetchnews.c:1059: warning re. strftime %y yielding 2 digits is ok and 
	conforms to RFC-977 which respects Y2k issues. 
fetchnews.c:1209: stat() checks for errors and skips . and ..

xoverutil.c:301: skips . and .. directory entries


So far, the new version seems to compile and run fine. Anything else?

(2.0 will be based on 1.9.4. However, all of these changes also made it into
 the 2.0 alpha versions - except where obsolete. The 2.0 CHANGES file will
 also have the old format with every author being credited for his/her


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