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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.5 update

>"Remember that when you are doing in-place updates of a leafnode version
>that had been previously installed by the vendor, you need to add
>--prefix=/usr or --prefix=/opt to the configure invokation, whichever
>you need, depends on your software."
>Oh, and while we're add it, is there a good native speaker that can
>confirm/object to the comma between "need" and "depends" in the last
>line? I'm not sure. 

The comma is OK, but it makes the sentence sound a little bit ungraceful.
"depends" should be "depending".  Since the two phrases mean the same
thing (emphasizing the original location), you could rewrite to eliminate
the comma altogether, something like:

"Remember that when you are updating a previously installed version of
leafnode, you need to configure the new version of leafnode to overwrite
the old version.  You do this with the "configure --prefix" option.
For example, if leafnode had been previously installed in /opt, you
would configure leafnode with the command "./configure --prefix=/opt".

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