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[leafnode-list] Offline reading with tin and leafnode

Nick Drage wrote:

> I'd be interested to hear how you get on with tin and the delaybody option
> in Leafnode - I'd love to read headers only offline and select bodies for
> a quick second download - but then there's no way in tin to mark an
> article or thread, so how do I find the bodies I've just downloaded? 

Article headers are marked by just reading the articles. If you hit an
"only-header" article, you will see a remark in the body that the article
will be downloaded the next time you invoke fetch. You don't have to
leave the article "marked as unread" since fetch will change the article
number of the article.

It is not possible yet to "unmark" an article (for example by reading the
headers again). That could be an idea for the next version of leafnode. It
is also not possible to mark whole threads by only reading one article in the
thread. This is also a desirable change in the future.


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