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Re: [leafnode-list] Newsq problems on FreeBSD

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> What strikes me as particularly odd is the odd reference to a nullpointer
> in the output which results in all subsequent fields being shifted by one
> (i.e. the From: contains the Date of the message, the Newsgroup: contains
> the Sender of the message and the Subject: contains the newsgroup). When
> looking at the code, I have no sensible explanation for this; the line
> which causes all the troubles is
>                 printf("%s: %8lu bytes, spooled %s\tFrom: %-.66s\n"
>                         "\tNgrp: %-.66s\n\tSubj: %-.66s\n",
>                         de->d_name, st.st_size, ctime(&st.st_mtime),
>                         fgetheader( f, "From:" ),
>                         fgetheader( f, "Newsgroups:" ),
>                         fgetheader( f, "Subject:" ) );
> Any help?

What happens if you cast (long unsigned)st.st_size? If it has wrong
argument width, it chokes. By nature. 

Matthias Andree

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