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Re: [leafnode-list] posting problems

Nick Drage wrote:

> i've suddenly started getting the following problems posting to my news
> server, the fetchnews debug shows:
> Nov 27 23:33:04 delete fetchnews[1731]: >POST^M 
> Nov 27 23:33:04 delete fetchnews[1731]: <340 send article to be posted. End
>  with <CR-LF>.<CR-LF> 
> Nov 27 23:33:04 delete fetchnews[1731]: >.^M 
> Nov 27 23:33:34 delete fetchnews[1731]: >QUIT^M 

Looks again like one of the timeout problems with leafnode-1.9.4. Try
to increase your timeout parameter in the configuration file to a higher
value (default is 30 seconds, 300 might be better). The timeouts will
be gone in 1.9.5 because they need some serious re-working.


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