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Re: [leafnode-list] Groupinfo file possibly truncated or damaged: 0 1 0 -x-


> linux 2.0.33/leafnode 1.9.6

Having recently played with this file this is an educated guess at
something to try.

> I had problem with the groupinfo: "error writing groupinfo file (disk
> full?)" 
> So I did
> fetchnews -f
> a new groupinfo was created and then I got
> Jan  3 20:43:15 xxx leafnode[13873]: Groupinfo file possibly truncated
> or damaged:  0 1 0 -x-
> The very first line of the groupinfo was
>  0 1 0 -x-

In my groupinfo file the first line ( from memory, current at work away
from Linux box ) is

3dfx.something.something 0 1 0 -x-

I'd try deleting your first line ( "cp groupinfo groupinfo.old" first )
and then see how you get on.

> So I did:
> >groupinfo
> fetchnews -f
> same as before.

As a complete guess, do you think your news-server ( news.tin.it? ) has a
group called <space>, and so that's being written to the groupinfo file but
Leafnode isn't dealing with it?  Might be worth emailing news@xxxxxx with

> Now I still get
> error writing groupinfo file (disk full?)" 
> How can I reset the situation?
> Now even if leafnode download articles, the newsreader (ForteAgent)
> doesn't see any new articles.
BTW - I see you're on kernel 2.0.33, I'm told that the speed difference
between 2.0 and 2.2 kernels is very noticeable, should be worth upgrading. (
NOTE this is an aside, please don't post comments on Linux kernels to the
mailing list, I've used up enough bandwidth because I didn't upgrade tin as it
is ).

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