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Re: [leafnode-list] Groupinfo file possibly truncated or damaged: 0

Giulio Orsero wrote:

> linux 2.0.33/leafnode 1.9.6
> I had problem with the groupinfo: "error writing groupinfo file (disk
> full?)" 
> So I did
> fetchnews -f
> a new groupinfo was created and then I got
> Jan  3 20:43:15 xxx leafnode[13873]: Groupinfo file possibly truncated
> or damaged:  0 1 0 -x-
> The very first line of the groupinfo was
>  0 1 0 -x-

This line obviously does not correspond to a valid newsgroup entry because
there is no newsgroup. Therefore, if your groupinfo file is otherwise fine,
then delete this line manually with a text editor, and the error message
will vanish. (BTW, the errror should not affect the function of leafnode,
because it will try to read as much as possible even from a defective
groupinfo file.)

> Now I still get
> error writing groupinfo file (disk full?)" 

With "fetchnews -f" you don't get this, I assume.

You get this message if the new groupinfo file is significantly shorter
than the old one. IIRC your last message to the list, this is indeed
the case (i.e. "groupinfo.new" is much shorter than "groupinfo"). You
should try to investigate whether groupinfo.new is complete. If this
is the case, then issue the following commands as user "news" or "root":

cd /var/spool/news/leaf.node
mv -f groupinfo.new groupinfo

and you should be fine.


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