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[leafnode-list] update 1.9.3 > 1.9.7

Since I updated leafnode 1.9.3 included in SuSE's Linux 6.3 to 1.9.7
with the configure parameter --pre=/usr and after a restart of my inetd
I can not get a conection with my news klients. A "telnet localhost 119"
replies "unabel to open config", or so. Config resides as usual in
/etc/leafnode/config where make install placed its config.example.

Is there anybody, who can help?



Olaf Mey                           Tel.:  + 49 (0) 731-50-26878
Institut für Rechtsmedizin        Email:  olaf.mey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Universität Ulm
D - 89081 Ulm


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