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Re: [leafnode-list] Compiler warnings (again)

>         *(g++);         /* let g point to next element of array */
> Unfortunately, gcc barfs on the *(g++); line with "warning: value
> computed is not used".

What you're telling it to do is, in effect,
    g_orig = g;
    g = g + 1;

"*" means "dereference pointer" to get a value or something to assign
to.  You can use pointers like
    int i;
    int *pi;
    ... // set i, pi, *pi
    i = *pi;   // dereference pi's value and assign it to i
    *pi = i;   // assign i's value to what pi points to

is as sensible as
You're telling it to take the value and ... do nothing with it.
gcc is right.

If you just want to increment g without looking at or changing what it
points to, which is what the comment seems to indicate,
    g = g + 1;
are all equivalent.  I prefer method 2 because it's obvious from the
start of the line that I'm changing the value.

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    tmcd@xxxxxxxxxx is my work account.

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