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Re: [leafnode-list] Error 411

On  9 Jan, Cornelius Krasel wrote:
>> I'm getting this on several ng's I'm subscribed to.
>> How do I fix this. Tried upgrading to 1.9.9 but that didn't help much.
> Without any further description (where are you getting 411?) I can
> only guess. 411 is a reply that the server sends if it doesn't have
> the newsgroup that you ask for.

Yes, I was in a hurry.

I had all these groups subscribed two days ago, like

Fairly general things. Yesterday, Leafnode gave me a 411 on several
groups I've been following and that's been there "for ages". Now, I'll
check on my ISP if they gone winter cleaning the NNTP server or
something, (sounds strange considering they carry 50 000+ groups) so I
was wondering if Leafnode can do this "by itself". The only clue I've
got on my end is that someone pulled the plug on my 'puter while both 
Leafnode and Gnus were running. Could this somehow have mixed things up?

I'm not even getting at old articles. When trying to enter the groups I
get this 411 error. 


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