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Re: [leafnode-list] Error 411

chimbis@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> On  9 Jan, Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> >> I'm getting this on several ng's I'm subscribed to.
> >> How do I fix this. Tried upgrading to 1.9.9 but that didn't help much.
> > 
> > Without any further description (where are you getting 411?) I can
> > only guess. 411 is a reply that the server sends if it doesn't have
> > the newsgroup that you ask for.
> Yes, I was in a hurry.
> I had all these groups subscribed two days ago, like
> (se.hem.mat
> rec.food.historic)
> Fairly general things. Yesterday, Leafnode gave me a 411 on several
> groups I've been following and that's been there "for ages". Now, I'll
> check on my ISP if they gone winter cleaning the NNTP server or
> something, (sounds strange considering they carry 50 000+ groups) so I
> was wondering if Leafnode can do this "by itself". The only clue I've
> got on my end is that someone pulled the plug on my 'puter while both 
> Leafnode and Gnus were running. Could this somehow have mixed things up?
> I'm not even getting at old articles. When trying to enter the groups I
> get this 411 error. 

Couple of things I have stumbled over.  They may or may not have anything
to do with your problem.

When you upgraded leafnode, is it possible that the older version is still
laying around?  I seem to remember a couple of filename changes.  Like
fetch-fetchnews and leafnode-nntp.  Is it possible you're inadvertently
still calling the older version?

Have you perchance tried reading news with Netscape in the meantime?
Netscape can overwrite your .newsrc file and cause you some grief.   I shot
myself in the foot with that one a while back.



Bud Rogers <budr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Have I ever told you about my poor memory?

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