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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems posting articles

Nik Spitzer wrote:

> Using leafnode 1.9.6 there is no problem
> receiving articles and newsgroups.
> In offline-mode:
> But when I am writing a new message or a reply following
> happens:
> The file is saved in /var/spool/news/out.going like
> for example 1518-9447.... and so on.
> The content of this file seems to be o.k.
> Then i go online and use the command fetchnews -P or
> fetchnews -vvvv.
> On the terminal i can see nothing depending on sending
> my message - the folder /var/spool/news/out.going
> gets empty.

/var/spool/news/out.going is only emptied if your message is posted
successfully. After the next fetchnews, you should see it (dependent
on the settings of your newsreader of course) because fetchnews has
to first send a message upstream and retrieve it again before it
is sorted into the spool.

BTW, the latest version of leafnode is 1.9.9.


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