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[leafnode-list] delaybody configurability

I just recently started using leafnode and I see that the TODO mentions
possibly adding the feature to make delaybody available for specific groups
instead of being a purely global setting.  This is a feature that I want to
see (and had actually assumed was already there), plus additional
configurability for delaybody.  Specifically, allow bodies to be delayed based
on message size, number of lines, etc. - basically, anything that can be used
as a flag to discard a message should, IMO, be usable to delay the body

A second feature that I'd like to see added is more frequent updates to the
groupinfo file, so that as soon as a group is done being read, the new
messages in that group become available to clients instead of new messages in
all groups becoming available at once after fetchnews finishes.  This ties
into at least one of the items in TODO, but has additional benefits that are
not mentioned there.

Finally, I'd like to see an option to control the maximum frequency with
which fetchnews will retrieve articles.  I'm on a flaky PPP link with diald,
so running fetchnews from cron is unreliable, but if I put it into my ip-up,
it runs every time I connect to the net; I'd like to be able to put it in
ip-up, but configure it to only read new articles once a day.

Is anyone currently working on any of these features?  If not, I'm prepared
to tackle them myself, but I don't want to be duplicating someone else's
efforts.  (For that matter, is there a separate leafnode-dev list that would
be a more appropriate place to discuss this?)

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