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[leafnode-list] Newsgroup list question

Ok what I would like to do is to edit the news group list.
first let me start with this, I have fetchnews connect to a premium news
server so there are about 60,000 news groups there (problem more) out of
them I really only use a hand full say about 20 to 30. now I see that every
time fetchnews run it checks for new groups so if I were to edit the
groupinfo file to list only these 20 to 30 groups or so, would fetch renew
the whole list or just add the newest groups to it. ( the way I see it
should only add the new groups if I read the man right) but I also see that
it will occasionally reread the whole groupinfo file so is there a way to
stop that from happening? yes I can keep a copy of the edited groupinfo file
and rewrite it when it does do a reread.
but I guess my main concern is that spending the time to edit out the 60,000
news groups ill never look at would be wasted if fetchnews rewrites the file
each time it runs. I am using 2 different servers for my news my local isp
and a major news server.
hope this make since, cause the end result I would like is when I open a
newsreader it would only show the 20 or so groups available, and yes I can
deal with new newsgroups being added to the list.

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