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Re: [leafnode-list] delaybody configurability

Mark Brown said:
> It strikes me that this would be better solved in whatever is running
> fetchnews.  A system like that used by Anacron (perhaps anacron itself)
> seems ideal.

Running fetchnews (or anything else that tries to contact the outside world)
is "unreliable" not in the sense that "cron may not be running to execute it"
(the situation that anacron is designed to deal with) but rather "unreliable"
as in "there's about an 80% chance that diald/pppd will fail to register a
default route, resulting in a complete inability for the program to contact
whatever server(s) are needed for it to do its job".

My 'solution', such as it is, for this is to put all regularly-occurring
network-related tasks into ip-up and then having cron force diald up, wait 5
minutes, and unforce it.  This generally results in diald retrying the link
enough times for a usable link to be established, but not always.

Given that, so far as I know, diald doesn't report whether it was able to
create a successful connection or not, I have no way of automatically
handling this problem.  (And I know I'm not the only one who has it - just
this morning, I say someone else with the same problem in

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