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Re: [leafnode-list] delaybody configurability

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> Dave Sherohman <esper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
< snip >
> > A second feature that I'd like to see added is more frequent updates to the
> > groupinfo file, so that as soon as a group is done being read, the new
> > messages in that group become available to clients instead of new messages in
> > all groups becoming available at once after fetchnews finishes.  This ties
> > into at least one of the items in TODO, but has additional benefits that are
> > not mentioned there.
> As I see, this is only possible by one of the following approaches:
> 1) Converting groupinfo into a database to allow record-based locking
>    instead of locking the whole file. I am somewhat reluctant to do
>    this, because one of the things in leafnode that I like is that the
>    storage format is extremely simple. I would like to keep it that way.

I like it this way, as a user, makes it that bit easier to see what the
program is doing and thinking; and at the risk of starting an off-topic
thread, that ability to access the innards of a program is a very Unixy
thing, best left alone unless there's good reason not to do so.


> > (For that matter, is there a separate leafnode-dev list that would
> > be a more appropriate place to discuss this?)
> No. Should we create one? (Actually, I like it the way it is, but others
> might complain.)

This list is pretty low traffic, and speaking as an user and
non-dev guy I'd be interested to see the dev talk, hope I could contribute
a user's point of view, and learn something from the discussion.

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