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Re: [leafnode-list] Newsgroup list question

Stuart Clark wrote:

> I am currently using Netscape as my newsreader on my Windows box and
> every time I go to the settings for my leafnode newserver Netscape stops
> for about 5-10 seconds as it reads in all groups available on the server
> and displays them, only for me to instantly switch to search for
> newsgroups.
> The reason it is so slow is that my ISPs newserver has a load of bogus
> newsgroups as it accepts all newgroup commands (I have no idea why).
> To save me this wait, I modify my newsgroup file to remove the bogus
> ones and also a few heirachies that don't interest me. I have even
> written a little perl script to do this for me. Currently I have to run
> this every time fetchmail redownloads the group list.
> So my question, at last, is would it be possible to add a 'post group
> get' option in the config file which would run the specified command
> after the groups were redownloaded?

I am not sure whether I want a command hook to achieve this. On the
other hand, leafnode-2.0 should contain a mechanism to restrict access
to certain groups. This will result in less groups being offered to
the reader, but should (IMO) not result in a reduction of groups in
the groupinfo file (because otherwise, if you changed the group
selection, you would have to reload the whole groupinfo file).

The progress of leafnode-2.0 mostly depends on how fast I get leafnode-1.9.10
to stabilize (I've also got a number of patches lying around, some of which
have already been incorporated). At the moment the 1.9.10b2 has the nasty 
habit of deleting the groupinfo file once in a while, and I don't know yet
why :-(


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