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[leafnode-list] Intermittent inability to post with 1.9.7

I'm running leafnode 1.9.7. and slrn under FreeBSD 3.2.

I know this isn't the current version of leafnode, but I don't think
there's an updated port for FreeBSD as yet, and I don't feel guru-like
enough to attempt an new installation unaided ;-(

I've noticed that I seem to be getting occasional intermittent errors where
I (attempt to) followup to an article, have edited my reply, and am
trying to post the response, when I get a "Posting not allowed" error.

Yet, when I try to followup again afterwards (by hastily importing the
'failed' article file which slrn kindly saves) I am able to post
successfully. This error only seems to occur intermittently: at other
times, I am able to post perfectly normally.

I'm not sure (or are even sure how I could tell) whether this is a
leafnode, or a slrn problem..

Is anybody able to advise what the problem might be?



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