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Re: [leafnode-list] Intermittent inability to post with 1.9.7

David Marsh wrote:

> I'm running leafnode 1.9.7. and slrn under FreeBSD 3.2.


> I've noticed that I seem to be getting occasional intermittent errors where
> I (attempt to) followup to an article, have edited my reply, and am
> trying to post the response, when I get a "Posting not allowed" error.
> Yet, when I try to followup again afterwards (by hastily importing the
> 'failed' article file which slrn kindly saves) I am able to post
> successfully. This error only seems to occur intermittently: at other
> times, I am able to post perfectly normally.

I think you are a victim of the timeout feature that was introduced
in leafnode-1.9.3. After a certain time of inactivity (which can
currently not be configured, it's fifteen minutes) leafnode assumes
that the client has silently died and closes the connection. It
appears that slrn doesn't like this behaviour particularly (tin is
more resistant and justs asks me whether I'd like to reconnect to
the server).

The only way to fix this is to replace the call to mgetaline() in
the nntpd.c file with getaline(). For 1.9.7, the diff looks like

--- nntpd.c.orig	Tue Jan 18 02:24:12 2000
+++ nntpd.c	Tue Jan 18 02:24:22 2000
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
     char *arg;
     int n;
-    while ( ( cmd=mgetaline( stdin )) ) {
+    while ( ( cmd=getaline( stdin )) ) {
 	n = strlen(cmd);
 	if ( n == 0 )
 	    continue;		/* ignore */


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