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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews question

Cornelius Krasel schrieb:
> Stefan Bauer wrote:
> > But second I noticed that fetchnews -P connects also to all supplement
> > servers. Here I don't understand why.
> It might be possible that you can post via several servers. For
> example, my personal setup involves posting via two or three
> servers (dependent on the newsgroup I am posting to). Therefore,
> fetchnews connects to every server, finds out whether it is
> allowed to post there and posts appropriate articles.

Ok, that's why it uses all servers, now it makes sense to me.

But there is still the problem, that it connects to all servers without
looking, if there is something to post at all. Is it difficult to patch
fetchnews, that it only connects to the next server, if there is
anything to post at all?

Stefan Bauer

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