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Re: [leafnode-list] Low-volume groups

kwalker@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> On 25 Jan, Walt Mankowski wrote:
> > I'm subscribed to several extremely low-volume groups which sometimes
> > go weeks without a single post.  Is it possible that the groups might
> > get expired and removed from interesting.groups in between posts?  If
> > so, is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
> Oh, it's entirely possible that they'll get completely stripped between
> posts.  But yes there is a way to prevent that.  In
> /etc/leafnode/config, add something like this:
> groupexpire name.of.group = days

That doesn't save you from automatic unsubscription of groups

I hope leafnode-1.9.10 will deal with low-volume groups more gracefully.


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