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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Won't from Cronjob

On 28-Jan-00 Robert M Harrold opined:
> Are you getting any errors in /var/log/cron or maybe /var/log/messages.  
> Also, how long is it taking texpire to run.  I don't think fetchnews
> will run if texpire's lockfile is in /var/lock/news.

The mail I receive shows texpire only takes about 10 seconds, all newsgroups
I have articles for are scanned, and a summary of what was expired and kept
is included. By that time, the lock would have been long gone, I'm sure. I
may try watching that tomorrow night, or set it all up to run a special
time to see what happens.

No hint fetchnews ever ran in /var/log/cron and nothing to indicate the link
was ever brought up or an error occurred when the cronjob was set to trigger
(using diald, which would show the link starting). I've also made sure the
link was already up at the proper time and watched to see if fetchnews
would start and possibly had a problem with diald and timing out or
something. Never got a hint of activity.

Tonight I made sure there was a newline (as suggested previously). Still
didn't start when it should have.

I'm about to try placing it in a separate script, in a separate directory,
similar to the various cron.XXXX directories. That may get something going.

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