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Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering (again)

Sean F Rima wrote:

> I run fetchnews and then a script to apply filters to each newsgroup that I
> bring in. However, leafnode is still showing filtered/killed articles but
> when I use tin on them, Leafnode replies that the article is unavailable.

This is a known bug in applyfilter. The reason is that the overview
information is still in the overview file, although the article itself is
already deleted. The easiest way to cure this for now is to run a texpire
after applyfilter.

I am somewhat reluctant to fix this in 1.9.10 although I have something
that seems to work in 2.0a11 (the current alpha version). However, since
the format of the filter file will be changing quite dramatically in
2.0, I am not sure whether I want to apply the fix for the upcoming
1.9.10 already.


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