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Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering (again)

Hi Cornelius!

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> Sean F Rima wrote:
> > I run fetchnews and then a script to apply filters to each newsgroup that I
> > bring in. However, leafnode is still showing filtered/killed articles but
> > when I use tin on them, Leafnode replies that the article is unavailable.
> This is a known bug in applyfilter. The reason is that the overview
> information is still in the overview file, although the article itself is
> already deleted. The easiest way to cure this for now is to run a texpire
> after applyfilter.
> I am somewhat reluctant to fix this in 1.9.10 although I have something
> that seems to work in 2.0a11 (the current alpha version). However, since
> the format of the filter file will be changing quite dramatically in
> 2.0, I am not sure whether I want to apply the fix for the upcoming
> 1.9.10 already.

I tried running texpire after applyfilter but it didn't remove the lines.
The only way I can see to do it is to delete the .overview files for each
group that I apply my filters to and then get something like touch_news to
scan each group, that way re-creating the .overview file.

It is nothing major and as you are planning to add support for multi-line
filters into fetchnews for 2 then maybe leave it as it is.

 grep -e 'WTD' /var/spool/news/uk/adverts/computer/.overview
1019    WTD: Creative 128 PCI (rest deleted)
I have a multiline filter for the above:
(?m)^Newsgroups:.*[, ]uk\.adverts\.computer(?s).*^Subject:.*(?i)WTD
Applying filters to uk.adverts.computer
2 articles deleted, 462 kept.
1019 has been deleted.
uk.adverts.computer: low water mark 27, high water mark 1024
uk.adverts.computer: 0 articles deleted, 462 kept
Running the grep as per above:
1019    WTD: Creative

Texpire is not seeing deleted articles as per applyfilter and therefore they
stay there, or isn't recreating the .overview file.

I deleted the .overview file for this group and ran tin. the newly created
overview doesn't have the article listed.

At the moment, it is not a major item but I was trying to bring it to your
attention. Whilst it may not be the best example, as WTD is not part of any
word, one of my multiline filters just has (?i)FA after the subject for the
same group and therefore I would not apply it in the general filter that I
use as it would hit a lot of other articles other than those in this NG
which are For Auction :)

Keep up the good work.

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