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[leafnode-list] illegal headers

ive been getting some errors
article 13234 contained illegal headers
i only have a few groups that i get messages from and being this is most 
likley from a text group, and most of these groups i have set texpire to 
expire articles after 30 days. i dont see a problem with it but was wounder 
if there is a reason for this. like are they bad message off the server im 
getting them from, or if leafnode is cause this. i do have a few of these 
errors after fetch runs.
so being i forsee no problems with the articles i read, do these errored 
ones not show up in a news reader?
and is there a way to manualy delete these, or should i just ignore them?
but i just want to know were the error originates from, my side or the host 

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