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Re: [leafnode-list] running leafnode and fetchnews

On Fre, 04 Feb 2000, holtzm@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> When I
> try either one, I am told "command not found".

If leafnode is installed correctly, the above message means, that your shell is
not able to find the programs in the directories set by your PATH-variable; try
locate fetchnews to find out, where the rpm has put the executables.

> Can someone point me in the right direction?

No offense meant: the documentation of your shell and the documentation of
leafnode including INSTALL/README - files were a good starting point.



Micro$oft Windows 98, n. - a belated upgrade to a 32 bit hack of a
16-bit shell for an 8-bit operating system designed for a 4-bit
processor by a 2-bit company that's not worth one bit of attention.

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