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Re: [leafnode-list] running leafnode and fetchnews

On 05-Feb-00 holtzm@xxxxxxxxxxxx opined:
>> Like I say, probably an inappropriate solution, but just maybe you've
>> been
>> logged in on the same shell for all this time - if the programs are in
>> your path yet you can't get to them I expect it's going to be a weird
>> solution :)
> I've logged out to (spit) W95 and back in to Linux several times since I
> installed leafnode...so I guess it's going to be a weird solution.
> FWIW, /usr/sbin had to be added to the path. Prior to that, the command
> fetchnews returned the message "command not found". After /usr/sbin was
> added the message was "bash: fetchnews: command not found"

I find both binaries in /usr/local/sbin on my system. Is /usr/sbin the
proper path?

> I'm frustrated enough to try the Bill Gates Solution: uninstall and
> reinstall.

Kernels and new hardware are for rebooting. Reinstalling should be only
needed when hardware dies and needs to be replaced. The Bill Gates method
was invented because the software was too buggy/stupid to work properly.

The three Rs of Microsoft support: Retry, Reboot, Reinstall.

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