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Re: [leafnode-list] hostname=corrected.host.name ?

hi Mark, thanks for your answer ;-)

Mark Brown wrote:

> You should be safe ignoring it - the chances of ID collisions or
> something trying to enforce the RFC behaviour are remote.

well it might not be really dangerous, but is ugly

> If you really want to do this then either fix the client

a dozen of clients ;-)
with tin or slrn it works fine ... but Netscape ... sigh

> or force Leafnode to generate the Message-ID.

yes, i would like to "force" leafnode, but how ??
"thats the question here"

> Generally, news servers don't modify the IDs supplied by clients.  If
> the message IDs get regenerated it greatly increases the risk of feed
> errors (eg, feeding all the articles back out again).

yes, i understand.

but my machine is in fact a "leaf node" and there is no way out of it
but through leafnode on port 119


bye, Ingolf

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