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Re: [leafnode-list] This List's Settings considered harmful (Reply-To:)

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Mark Brown wrote:


> > Oops, your Mailer is brain dead. It forgots to add a boundary-parameter
> > to the "Content-Type:"-header :=)
> It doesn't - the problem is berolist deciding to mangle my mail for me
> (in fact, my mailer is mutt which you just recommended).  Mail sent 
> directly doesn't have this problem.

Okay, it's my failure. I didn't look at your headers to see what mailer
you are using. Sorry...

> > BTW: Can someone explain me (in german) what "harmful" means?
> Not in German, but since I'm here: something that cases damage or danger
> - eg, "radiation is harmful".

Yes. Some people told it directly via private mail to me. In german it
means "schädlich" or "gefährlich"

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