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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-2.0

Phil Hunt wrote:

> What's rnews? Is it a UUCP-only system?

rnews is a program which sorts articles into the spool. It is absolutely
necessary for use with UUCP because you retrieve the articles not via
fetchnews, but in so-called "batches" which are concatenated articles
with some special headers inbetween. However, rnews can in principle
also be used to sort articles into the spool which have been retrieved
with suck, newsx or any other client.

The preliminary man page for rnews is:

rnews(8)                                                 rnews(8)

       rnews - sort batch files into spool

       rnews [-v|D] [file|directory]

       Leafnode  is  a  USENET  package intended for small sites,
       where there are few users and little disk space, but where
       a large number of groups is desired.

       Rnews is the program that sorts files into your newsspool.
       Rnews can currently sort compressed and uncompressed  news
       batches  as well as news articles.  Rnews expects the news
       batch either in a file, directory or on stdin. If provided
       with  the  name of a directory, it will open the directory
       and sort all files inside this  directory  into  the  news
       spool. Rnews will not recursively descend through directo­

       Rnews sets its real and effective uid to "news".

       -v     Be verbose. A maximum of four -v can be used.

       -D     Switch on debugging.

       file   Sort this file into the  newsspool.  The  file  can
              also be a rnews batch, optionally compressed.

              Sort  the  contents  of  this  directory  into  the

       Rnews makes some use of the /tmp directory.

       Written  by  Cornelius   Krasel   <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       wuerzburg.de>.  Copyright 1999.

       Leafnode was originally written by Arnt Gulbrandsen <agul­
       bra@xxxxxxxx> and is  copyright  1995-96  Troll  Tech  AS,
       Postboks  6133  Etterstad,  0602  Oslo,  Norway,  fax  +47

       leafnode(8), gzip(1)


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