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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews question

Lloyd Zusman wrote:

> I have several upstream servers but I only want to post to the first
> one and retrieve from all of them.  On first glance, running
> `fetchnews -Pl' followed by another `fetchnews' invocation without the
> `-Pl' option would seem to do what I want, but what about the
> following scenario? ...
>   02:00:00 AM -- run `fetchnews -PL' (posts all from `out.going')
>   02:01:00 AM -- `fetchnews' starts (without the `-Pl' options)
>   02:01:10 AM -- I happen to post an article from my news client,
>                  and it ends up in `out.going'
>   02:01:11 AM -- `fetchnews' happens to start looking at one of my
>                   supplemental downstream servers, and it therefore
>                   posts my article to that server because it detects
>                   it in `out.going' -- this actually happened just now
>   02:01:25 AM -- `fetchnews' finishes
> I think another server-specific `config' variable would be a better
> way to control posting, perhaps something like `nopost = 1' for those
> servers to whom we want to always disable posting.
> Or another alternative would be to have new command-line option which
> says "never post".  Then, supposing that this option is `-X', I could
> run the following commands sequentially in a script:
>   fetchnews -Pl
>   ... etc. ...
>   fetchnews -X
> This would force all postings to go only to the "local" server.

I fully agree with Lloyd's proposal. I also think that the selection
of servers with "-l" is a little antique. In leafnode-2.0, I want to
implement a solution with option "-S server.of.choice" which should
greatly increase flexibility. However, there is not much code written
for this as of yet - you have to have some more patience.


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