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Re: [leafnode-list] This List's Settings considered harmful

>Mutt makes a group-reply if you hit "G" (note the case). A group-reply
>means, that the reply is sent to the sender and all the other people,
>which have received the message.

This is usually not what you want when replying to a mailing list. If you do 
this, you'll end up sending two copies of the message, one to the list and one 
to the author by private email. This means the author will get two copies, 
which I, personally, find incredibly annoying (because the direct one usually 
arrives first, and I reply to it, and then the mailing list one comes and I 
realise that I should have sent my reply to the list).

But frankly, this is a religious issue. We stand about as much chance of 
coming to a consensus on what to set Reply-to: to as rasfw does about coming 
to a consensus about gun control.

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