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Re: [leafnode-list] web page design

> I prefer reading pages that are aesthetically pleasing as well ...
> I want a page to look nice with a graphical browser

I agree.  However, *your* ideas of pretty does not match *my* ideas
(manifestly).  I think sans serif fonts are ugly.  *Your* setting them
means *I* don't get a choice (in Nutscrape 4.7).  If you left them
alone, then people's Preference settings would kick in, and everyone
could be happy.

> (that's why I prefer google over altavista *heh*).

Google's main page is small and fast to load.  I like it.  The results
come out (in my Netscape 4.7 with my settings) largely in the
Preferenced font, except for a few things in the corners hard-coded to
sans serif.  I like that too.

Tim McDaniel is tmcd@xxxxxxxx; if that fail,
    tmcd@xxxxxxxxxx is my work account.

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