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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-2.0

Michael Faurot wrote:
> Sounds like v2.0 will be able to receive UUCP batches.  Will it also
> be able to create them?

I don't know how UUCP batches are usually created. As far as I know,
you only stick the articles together with suitable headers, e.g.

#! rnews length_in_bytes
first article
#! rnews length_in_bytes
second article

etc. This should be fairly easy to do with a perl/shell script:

for i in /var/spool/news/out.going/*
    echo "#! rnews" `wc -c $i | awk '{ print $1; }'`
    cat $i

will batch everything in /var/spool/news/out.going/ into a rnews batch
and send it to stdout. I thought this is so simple that we don't need
a separate program. If I am wrong, please tell me where :-)


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