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[leafnode-list] New FAQ item (add to top, please)

Recently, there have been a lot of reports to about leafnode (and other
stuff) not compiling (on Linux), looking like this
(rf. <38A495C1.BCFE7AB6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>): 

Q: (Linux specific) "Cannot build leafnode. make always gives me:

/usr/include/bits/local_lim.h:27: linux/limits.h: No such file or
In file included from leafnode.h:17 from nntputil.c:20: [...]

How do I fix this?"

A: (Linux, does apply to other software as well) 
This problem results from improper installation of compiler and
libraries. Evidently, /usr/include/linux is missing. This can be fixed
by installing the kernel sources (or at least the properly linked
includes) corresponding to the booted kernel (see uname -r for the
kernel version you booted) into /usr/src/linux. You may need to `cd
/usr/src/linux' and do `make symlinks' before the problem is actually
defeated. Do NOT install your kernel source to /usr/src/linux-2.2.14 or
such, if you want to do so, symlink it to /usr/src/linux. See `info ln'
or `man 1 ln' for information on ln.

Cornelius, you might also consider explicitly checking for linux kernel
includes from configure.in. leafnode is destined at the less experienced
who might need this help there to get started. 

I'm short of time and find myself unable to PROPERLY implement and test
this at the moment. 

(Distributors need kicking as well, for if they install gcc + libc, they
also need to install kernel includes. SuSE 6.2 has libc depend on either
one of: 1. the official or 2. the SuSE kernel source tree or 3. the
official kernel's includes).

Matthias Andree

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