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[leafnode-list] [PATCH] New groups for 1.9.10/2.0a>=9


The attached patch fixes two bugs:

- In leafnode-1.9.10 and 2.0a versions beginning with a9 new groups 
  reported by the NEWGROUPS command were not inserted into the 
  groupinfo file. An empty pointer instead of the group name was given
  to insertgroup().

- leafnode versions prior to 1.9.10 and 2.0a9 inserted new groups
  correctly, but set the time of creation to the previous run of
  fetchnews instead to the actual time they were inserted. This caused
  problems with nntpd timeouts and tin (and probably every other
  newsreader), resulting in new groups never be shown as new in the

This patch applies only to leafnode-1.9.10 and recent 2.0a versions. If
you want to fix the second bug you will have to upgrade to 1.9.10 first 
(and apply Lloyd's patch before this one).


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Attachment: bin00000.bin
Description: "leafnode-1.9.10.newgroups.patch.gz"